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Trees are essential to humans in all ways. It provides beauty, air, relaxation, food, and even more for wildlife. However, when trees begin to lose their structural stability and grow weak branches, they have become a threat to your safety. You should carefully inspect your tree for these signs, especially before and after a storm to ensure your property and life are safe. You should consider calling a professional tree service if your tree shows the following signs: 

  1. Weak Base

The root structure of a tree is crucial to its structural integrity. You should inspect your trees in the yard and look for exposed roots that look rotten and damaged. If you see any of these signs, you should give us a call so we can tend to your tree right away. If your tree’s roots are damaged, it won’t take long before it topples over your roof. 

You also have to look for signs of a leaning tree. You might think that it’s okay just because it’s been the case for some time, but it can still be hazardous to leave it that way. If your tree is leaning towards one side, call us right away, and we will determine whether it’s safe to keep it or not. 

Another factor that can make your tree unstable is erosion. If you see that a large portion of your tree’s roots are exposed, it may be time to have it removed. When you call us, we will immediately take action and provide the right treatment required. 

  1. After Severe Storms

No matter how strong and stable you think your tree is, severe storms can still annihilate it. Keep in mind that your trees can only take so much beating from the wind. It’s crucial to inspect your trees for damaged branches and broken limbs to make sure they are structurally sound after the storm. 

  1. Diseased Trees

Trees can look healthy on the outside but are diseased inside. You should watch for signs that show your tree is in danger. These signs include a hollow trunk, significant cracks, and dead branches. 

To ensure the health of your trees, you should schedule a regular evaluation from a certified arborist. With regular inspections, you can make sure that your trees are in good shape, not only on the outside but also on the inside. 

    If you know the warning signs to look for in a tree, you can prevent your tree from becoming hazardous in the future. Our expert team can help you identify these red flags and provide the necessary treatment to help them recover. 

    Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers about emergency tree removal:

    What Should I Do If a Tree Falls in My Property?

    The most important thing to do in this situation is to secure your family’s safety. Don’t immediately walk over your house to check for any damages, instead make sure that there are no hazardous situations present in your way. After making sure that your family and property are safe, call Black Dog Tree Service right away.

    Should I Remove my Own Tree?

    You may be tempted to remove your damaged tree after a storm. But, this is something we never recommend you to do so because of the risks involved. Emergency tree removal entails using heavy equipment that you may not have. Also, it takes years of experience to safely remove a hazardous tree that is why you should leave it to the hands of experts.

    Should I Remove the Tree Right Away?

    You need to act fast when you see signs of a damaged tree. You should set an appointment with one of our professionals to have your trees inspected. If your tree is structurally unsound, you shouldn’t wait too long before you seek assistance from a certified arborist. Removing the damaged tree can eliminate the risk of it falling on your property. You want to make sure your tree doesn’t put you and your property in danger. We have an emergency tree removal service that you can count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    The Bottom Line

    We are your reliable and trustworthy partner for all your tree service needs. We want to keep your family safe from any danger that can be brought by hazardous trees. If you face any tree emergencies, you can rely on our professional team to help you get back to your regular activities. We are your go-to emergency tree removal service, ready to deliver safe and efficient service all the time.

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